Vital Q & A: Brianna from Fort Mill asks, “Why should I go to your studio if the YMCA has yoga?”

Vital Q & A: Brianna from Fort Mill asks, “Why should I go to your studio if the YMCA has yoga?”

Vital Q & A: Brianna from Fort Mill asks, “Why should I go to your studio if the YMCA has yoga?”

YMCA and GYMS vs. Vital Yoga.  This is a question that gets asked quite often.  It is logical to wonder, “Why would I pay to go to Vital, when my YMCA/Gym has it?”  There are two sides to every story, and both are certainly worth exploring.  We will start with the Pros of yoga at a YMCA and/or gym.


It’s included in your membership.


-It is one of many things the facility offers.  This dilutes yoga as its main focus.

-The atmosphere is not the same as a yoga studio.  When you walk into a yoga studio, you feel the zen of the given space.  When you walk into a gym and/or YMCA, you hear weights clanging, high energy aerobics music blasting, weights slamming, mirrors, chaos.

-The class offerings are usually limited, and will be crowded.  This is disadvantageous to newer students who need extra attention.  It also increases the chance for injury via doing poses wrong over and over again.

-People, in general, do not observe the etiquette of a yoga studio.  People may leave during svasana, come in 20 minutes late from their cardio class that ran over time, have a lack of focus and not really take the class serious.

-The connection of getting to know a studio and the teachers who teach there is part of the experience.  This can lack in a YMCA/GYM setting.

-*You could be supporting a small business whose sole passion is yoga.

-Students have reported being asked by their YMCA/GYM, “Why do you need to go to Vital?  We have yoga!”  This is very discouraging and not in the spirit of Yoga.

-There have been many reports of teachers who use the YMCA/GYM to solicit private classes in their homes.  So, there lacks a sense of community when the teachers are just using the facility as a fishing net.


-Smaller classes with teachers who give care and attention to EVERY student who comes through the door.

-The Zen and peaceful atmosphere

-No slamming of weights

-No cardio classes blasting the soundtrack to the last ESPN Cheer-leading competition

-No Mirrors

-Respect for yoga etiquette, and no leaving during svasana.

-Getting to know the teachers, students and the community that lives and breathes Vital!

-You are supporting a local, small business.

-Vital encourages you to stay at your YMCA/GYM, and gives you an incentive of 20% off all Class Passes and Memberships(*except walk-ins and New Student Special).  When you show your active fitness membership to a YMCA/GYM etc., we give you the 20% off.  Thus, we promote UNION, and do not criticize you for exploring all of your fitness options.

-More class days/times and variety, taught by teachers who specialize in each specific style.

-Our teachers are carefully selected, and truly care about the studio and its students.  While our teachers are welcome to teach privates at the studio, they aren’t there to fish people out.  We do our best not to hire those people, and if it were to happen, would end the situation promptly.


-There are only two locations(at the moment), not allowing everyone/everywhere to experience the authentic, non-pretentious, welcoming atmosphere that is Vital!

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