New to Yoga?


The practice of yoga originated in India. It has been around for 5 thousand years. Through the physical discipline of movement, meditation, and breath control Yoga provides many physical, mental and spiritual benefits. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word yoga is to add, join or unite. At Vital Yoga Center we believe that Yoga is just a way to connect to ourselves, to the present moment and other living beings.



Anyone can practice yoga at any age, shape or size. Being flexible is not a prerequisite! We offer several different styles to accommodate your needs. If you are new to yoga it’s a good idea to start with our Vital Vitals and/or LSD Classes. This will give you a strong and safe foundation. We encourage students to explore different styles to see what fits their personal needs. Your body knows what it needs more than anyone else. Chose a style that you can enjoy while exploring the boundaries of your present limitations. You can modify or even create your own poses in any class. It is up to you whether you want to sweat, detoxify, strengthen, and get some cardio in a Vinyasa Flow Class, or just relax in a Restorative or Deep Stretch class. Be sure to check out our class descriptions for details.



Most students like to use their own yoga mat (for personal cleanliness preferences). But if you ever forget your mat…no worries! We’ve got you covered.  In addition, it is suggested that you bring a hand towel.  All studio mats are cleaned after every class.



Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. It’s best to wear clothing that does not limit movement, or cut circulation. You may be upside down in certain yoga poses so very loose clothing is not recommended. Shoes and socks are not needed.


  • Arrive a few minutes early to set up.
  • Turn off your phone and leave it with your other belongings.
  • Introduce yourself to the teacher if you are new and let them know if you have injuries, if you are pregnant or have specific needs.
  • Be mindful of other students when coming in late. If you are late we can’t guarantee you a spot. Classes are thoughtfully sequenced to provide you with a balanced and safe practice. Students are not a to join a class if they are more than 10 minutes late.
  • Do not disturb class during meditation or Pranayama (breathing exercises) it’s best to wait for a better time to walk in and get settled.
  • We recommend not eating before the class. Ideally no food 2 hours prior to class.