Private Yoga

We offer private classes to students of all levels

Private classes will give you a strong and stable foundation for growth in your yoga practice. The instructor caters the class to your individual needs and helps you with proper form and alignment. It’s also highly interactive and you can ask questions or voice your need for modifications in certain poses. We recommend private yoga classes to beginners and to those who are more experienced and want to fine tune their practice, work on more advanced postures or focus on one specific area of the body.


Loritta J.
Yoga For Fibromyalgia*

Sherry S.
Yoga For Anxiety*

Private instruction gives you the benefits of yoga without worrying about limitations, keeping up with the group, or risking injury.

Build confidence by modifying to your comfort level, and work 1-on-1 with an instructor who understands your needs and limitations, who can help you, without hurting you.

  • Comfort in sharing personal health history
  • Boost your confidence
  • Made-to-order service
  • Avoid the intimidation of being new to yoga
  • Students with injuries, pain, and/or physical limitations
  • Busy schedules that require individualized attention
  • Restorative and meditative practices to promote relaxation and stress-relief


Single Class

4 Class Pack (save $20)

8 Class Pack (save $40)

For questions or to book a session now, please contact us:
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