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          When I bought Vital Yoga Center a year ago, I had the vision of creating a space which welcomed EVERYONE to practice yoga.  I wanted to make a nice space that offered a wide-variety of class offerings, at reasonable prices, without sacrificing the quality of instruction.  We have heard the feedback from you, and we are pleased that our vision has come to fruition.  In recent client e-mail surveys, a keyword kept popping up.  The word was, “Welcome”.  You all expressed how welcoming the studio is, from the environment, the teachers, and fellow students.  I smiled from ear to ear when I read that.

          We have some of the best talent in the area, and are proud of the instruction we provide.  There is something else that all of our teachers understand and embrace.  Whether there is one student, or fifteen in class, you teach your heart out.  You appreciate that someone came to take your class.  There are many times that new students switch to Vital, because their old studio didn’t have classes unless ‘X’ amount of people signed up.  Not only is that a bad business practice, it is disrespectful to anyone who practices yoga.  If you were the only customer in a restaurant and refused service (because there weren’t ‘X’ amount of people eating), how would you feel?  Would you ever go back to that restaurant, and/or speak highly of it?

          My mission at Vital has never been to compete, but to CREATE.  We continue to create, and have actually added classes, including Kids yoga.  We will never EXCLUDE anyone from our classes, which are NEVER cancelled.  The ONLY time a class was cancelled, was when I went on my honeymoon, and ONE of my 15 classes I taught(at the time), couldn’t be covered.  I taught 6am on Thanksgiving Morning.  Do you know why?  It is because I feel extremely grateful and privileged to own a yoga studio, and share this gift with our community.

          I do not need to be greedy to make our studio profitable.  By having integrity, and building a community of inclusion, we have become the most attended studio in our area.  We even have Community Based Donation Classes every Sunday at 4pm, which raise awareness and money for local organizations.  These organizations are submitted by our students and/or teachers.  We believe the more people doing yoga, the better.  I invite you all to join our community and enjoy the benefits of yoga.  We practice what we teach, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Andrew Gordon
Vital Yoga Center

Let Go


Everything has an expiration date.  Nothing is permanent.  The trick is to know when something has expired.  If you use something after it has expired it can make you ill.

The same goes for situations.  Sometimes, you need to let them go.  They have expired, and should you hang on any further, you will get sick.

Be healthy.  Move on.  Find things, people, and situations that nourish you.  Don’t hang on to the expired.



Yesterday, we got to celebrate our freedom and remember those who gave their lives for it. Freedom can be described and manifest in so many different ways.  It can mean the right to speak your mind, or the right to marry who you love.

We often focus on how many freedoms we don’t have, or what is being taken away from us.  Step back for a moment, and look at some countries that do not have the freedom we have.

Here is a list of the 15 Least Free Countries in the world, and some of the “highlights” from the “top” 5 countries:
(You can click on the link above for the full list and details.) 

  1. North Korea-All forms of protest and collective bargaining are illegal and there is no independent judiciary. Political dissidents are either executed or sent to prison camps, where many of them die from extreme hunger or exhaustion.
  2. China-The Chinese Communist Party does not tolerate any form of organized opposition — more than 190 political reform activists were detained during 2014 alone.
  3. Eritrea-Academic and religious freedom is constrained, and citizens have limited freedom of movement in and out of the country.
  4. Syria-Tens of thousands of people have been arrested and tortured since the uprising began in 2011 and Syrian journalists are frequently kidnapped and executed.
  5. Saudi Arabia-Women are not permitted to drive cars or leave the home without a male relative accompanying them.

Take a breath today, and while our country is not perfect, it offers the freedom many would die for.



We do so many different things throughout the course of one day.  In the mornings, you may get your kids ready for school.  Then, you may head off to work where you are the manager.  Later, that evening, you put to the kids to bed, and you spend time with your husband.

From looking at that day, you were ‘mom’, ‘boss’, and ‘wife’.  Do you let these define WHO you are?  If you do, here’s something to consider.  What if you lost one of those roles?  Perhaps, you lose your job.  Now, you are ‘mom’, ‘unemployed’, and ‘wife’.  These roles can be gone and/or change in an instant.  Also, they may or may not be gone and change by your choice.  So, it is dangerous to define WHO you are by these roles.

What cannot be taken away is your character.  Your character is what you can bring into each role you play in life.  Think of your roles as things you do.  Think of your character as who you are.  Your character should fill in the blank of the following sentence:

I am ________________(love, joy, peace, truth, compassion, wisdom, freedom, etc.).

Even if your roles change, these are the things that remain WHO you are.

So, next time one of the roles ends in your life, don’t fret.

Remember those may come and go over the course of your life.  You may not be able to control these things, because they are all external.

Your character cannot be taken away, and remains the same or changes by your CHOICE.

It is truly the only thing you own.

Take solace in that next time you lose one of your roles.