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The answer is quite simple, "No".  This pricing continues and is set up to pay as you go.  It isn't a contract and it isn't an introductory offer.  We just want people to have access to great yoga at an affordable price.  No catch.Read More
preview:VITAL YOGA COSTS LESS TO JOIN THAN ANY OTHER STUDIO. WHY? The answer is very simple; accessibility. We recently made the decision to implement a very clearRead More
Thank you for your question Lisa!  The following article from Sarvyoga gives some great, detailed information! Ujjayi Pranayama {Ocean Breath}-Steps And Benefits ujjai-pranayama-stepsThe word “Ujjayi Pranayama” made from the Sanskrit prefix “ud” (उद्) and “ji” (जि): “ujji” (उज्जि), Ujjayi (उज्जायी), which means “Victory”, “one who is victorious”. Thus the Ujjayi breath means “victorious breath”. In this breathing exercise the process of Inhalation (breath in) and exhalation (breathe out) are both done through the nostrils. DuringRead More
YMCA and GYMS vs. Vital Yoga.  This is a question that gets asked quite often.  It is logical to wonder, “Why would I pay to go to Vital, when my YMCA/Gym has it?”  There are two sides to every story, and both are certainly worth exploring.  We will start with the Pros of yoga at a YMCA and/or gym. PROS of YMCA/GYM YOGA It’s included in your membership. CONS of YMCA/GYM YOGA -It is oneRead More
Vital Q & A   Question: Tammy from Steele Creek asks, “Can I leave the room during class?”   Answer: Our studio is not a prison, and you are certainly free to leave during class.  It is understandable that you may have to use the restroom, cool off, get some water, etc. The ONLY time we ask that you remain in the studio is during svasana.  Svasana is a special time of rest and allows theRead More
Welcome to Vital Q & A!  Our first question is from Sheila of Charlotte, NC.  She asks a question that is commonly posed by students.  Below, we have provided an answer from which focuses on the subject.  We look forward to answering more of your questions, so please keep them coming @ VitalQ&A What to do if you experience dizziness in class?Read More
Join Casey for the Partner Yoga Workshop. Bring a friend, lover, or yoga buddy! In this 1.5 hr workshop you and your partner will explore what it feels like to receive and give support. Each partner will increase strength and flexibility simultaneously. Read More
20% off Vital Yoga to your existing workout!  Share with your friends and workout peeps! *Must purchase in Studio.  Not valid for New Student Special, Walk-In, or One year AutopayRead More
Cashmere Money, aka Cash Money, is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She is a very kind, soft-spoken woman who makes you feel at ease in her presence. After growing up in New Jersey and attending Rutgers University for Accounting, she joined the Navy. She said that she enjoyed it, and it gave her some much needed structure and discipline in her life. While in the Navy, she met people whoRead More
Yoga Studios vs. Everything Else The reason people reach outside of theirgyms/crossfits/bootybarre bootcamp burnalates that attempts at throwingRead More