Teacher Training

Yoga Moves You Training Institute presents:
200-Hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training

Begins October 18, 2017
Yoga Moves You Training Institute is committed to providing the best possible Yoga Teacher Training!  We focus on utilizing yoga as a tool for movement towards transformation body, mind, and soul.  We give you tools on how to be successful and are direct about what the current market demands.  We work on helping you building self-awareness, and how to become the best teacher you can be, authentic to who you are.  We focus on what will make you able to lead a successful class from the moment you leave training. We believe in helping people to find their true, authentic, compassionate selves, and translate that into a class experience.

In this training, you will practice and learn Vinyasa Flow Yoga style along with an exploration of meditation and pranayama. Learn and grow your yoga guide tools, experience hands-on techniques, and gain the knowledge to teach a dynamic, passionate, and creative Vinyasa Yoga Class.  We encourage an open-mind during training, not only to foster acceptance of all included, but to aid in character development and self-study.

In this immersive and extensive training we’ll learn and study:

  • The background and history of yoga, though not emphasizing any particular religion or world view.
  • The Chakra System and its benefits.
  • Overview of Ayurveda and how it’s connected to the modern yoga practice.
  • Basic Anatomy & physiology to aid in teaching a safe, balanced class to accommodate all bodies.
  • Verbal and hands-on assists that promote safe physical alignment and deepening of the asana practice.
  • How to guide multi level Vinyasa class experience ranging from Basics to Power and Deep Stretch/Restorative.
  • Scripts to sequence creative balanced linear and mandala (circular) patterns around the mat.
  • The business of Yoga and how to market yourself using current platforms.

Learn from the Founder and Creator of

Yoga Moves You Training Institute

Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon, E-RYT, Owner of Vital Yoga

Additional Information:

  • Workbooks are provided.
  • Mandatory reading is not included in our pricing.  Students will be notified about the books upon registration.
  • All classes at Vital Yoga and Synergy are 50% off for the duration of training.
  • Mentoring available.
  • Discounts on workshops.

For more information or to set up a payment plan, please call (704)-288-5788 or email info@vitalyogacenter.com

Training Application:

We ask that you answer the following questions and send your completed submission to info@vitalyogacenter.com

  1. Please share with us a little bit about your yoga practice.
  2. What new awareness do you hope to come to during this training?
  3. From where do you draw the most inspiration in your life?  Please share an example or two.
  4. List up to 3 things that have changed/improved in your life since you’ve started practicing yoga.
  5. Please let us know anything about you that may affect your ability to participate fully in this training (i.e., pregnancy, injuries, medications, etc.).
  6. Do you have any concerns or fears about doing teacher training?  If so, what are they?

If your submission is approved, we will request that you come in for a brief interview.

***Applications are due no later than September 15th, 2017.***

Training Dates and Times:

Wednesdays, 6pm-9:30pm
Saturdays, 9am-7pm
Sundays, 9am-6pm

October 18, 21, 22
November 8, 11, 12
December 6, 9, 10
January 17, 20, 21
February 7, 10, 11
February 28, March 3, 4
April 18, 21, 22
May 16, 19, 20


$2,400 Early Bird paid if paid in full by October 17th, 2017.

$2,800 Payment Plan is available with monthly installments of $287.50, after a non-refundable $500 deposit due by October 1st, 2017.

For more information or to set up a payment plan, please call (704)-288-5788 or email info@vitalyogacenter.com



Andrew provided a thorough, comprehensive training program. I feel well prepared to teach and to continue honing my skills. [Tara K.]

The teacher training at Yoga Moves You helped me to explore and grow in my love for yoga. It was a transformational experience and I made a wonderful new community of friends. [Farrah T.]

We give you the space to explore, grow, and ultimately have an experience in developing self on and off the mat.  Every one is welcome to join us in becoming a guide sharing yoga in its true form.